Kaala Movie Review

Rajinikanth’s Kala Movie Review

TollywoodGosssip Rating : 3.5/5

  • Starring : Rajinikanth , Huma Qureshi, Nana Patekar
  • Director : Pa. Ranjith
  • Producers : Dhanush
  • Music Directors : Santhish Narayanan
  • Cinematographer : G. Murali Vardhan

Kaala is Rajinkanth’s Most Awaited Movie Which supposed to release long back now its finally playing in theaters now.Does this movie joins in the hit list or not, lets see.

Story :

Kaala (Rajinikanth) is a powerful don in Dharavi slum area of mumbai. ajinikanth’s mens safe gaurds the slum from corporate companies and other land mafia’s. As the moview goes on villan enters into the scene to occupy that Dharavi slum area. This leads to few fights between Kaala and Hari das (Villan). Hari das uses all his all political powers to get dharavi land in his hands this leads to war between them. finally Kaala win over Hari das But how Rajini uses his brain to overcome all political villan used on him. watch in theaters only.

Plus Points :

Kaala(Rajinikanth) Justifies the role.

Hari das villan character.


Rajinikanth’s Swag.

Minus Points :

First half  lags.

Common story.

Second half few scenes are unneccesary.

Overal Review :

Its hard to figure out what kaala is saying. kaala(Rajinikanth) and Hari das (Villan) lead the movie from start to end. Audience enjoy every scene in movie when Rajini appears on screen though the movie goes with slow narration. This Movie Brings out the old Swag of Rajinikanth, Rajini fans pleased with that scenes, overall its a good film to watch.

Ratings : 3.5/5


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